In search of the truth

With a skeptical mind, I search to uncover the truth of the Aussie Yowie. Investigating local sightings, looking for tangible evidence and forever open-minded in my adventures of our wild Australian bush.

Australian Yowie

Is he myth, legend or undiscovered species?

If he does exist, how has he remained so elusive?

Explore theories and ideas.

Discover Australia’s biodiversity

Australia is a biologically diverse country, more so than any other continent on Earth. More than 1 million species of flora and fauna call Australia home. Majority of which are unique to our large island home. Interestingly, less than half of these have been described scientifically.

Taxonomists in Australia discover 100’s of new species every year!

Perhaps the Australian yowie will be on that list one day.

Exploring the Mid-North coast of Australia

Australia has such diverse ecosystems. Yowie sightings have been recorded in a variety of places, from bush to beach and every in between. Therefore during my ventures into the wild. I’ll keep my eyes and mind open in the hopes for finding explainable evidence.

Thrill of the chase.

“I hope they’re out there. But until I know, I’ll remain open to all the possibilities.”


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